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Welcome to Jurassic Cock, where fresh young teens hook up with dirty old men. These little whores love to feel old wrinkled balls slapping against their chins when sucking on those huge, old dinosaur cocks! Our senior perverts are ready to do anything to get a taste of fresh 18 year-old pussy before they kick the bucket - This might be the last time they ever get laid! And we're letting them get nasty with some of the youngest pussy available on the market. That's the kind of sex that makes the whole family think Grandpa has gone crazy. Join Jurassic Cock today and see why experience counts for these young whores!
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Cut Redhead Fucks Ron Jeremy!
UPDATED ON: 10/12/11
Video Length: 33:50 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 300

The Hedgehog is still fucking 18 year old girls even in his old age. Ron Jeremy gets to have Evilyn fuck and suck his legendary cock....

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Isis Loves Wrinkly Old Baseballs!
UPDATED ON: 10/07/11
Video Length: 27 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 506

Isis Love was playing a friendly game of softball with Ron Jeremy when he decided to bust out his own set of balls and wood. The moment that happened, Isis threw her huge perky 18 year old tits all over him!

For a teenager she sure has some amazing tits and knows how to play with them while sucking on a footlong...

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Ally Ann Fucks Geezer And Son!
UPDATED ON: 09/08/11
Video Length: 32 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 451

Ally Ann goes to vist an old folks home to cheer up some spirits, and some cocks! She gives a sleeping geezer an intense blowjob then goes inside to find his son and fuck his brains out!

She not only rides this old bastard but gives him every reason to reach for heaven with his cock in her mouth! Old dude almost croaked after banging this teen's sloppy wet pussy!

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Ron Jeremy Fucks Teenage Fan!!
UPDATED ON: 08/12/11
Video Length: 39 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 420

Adorable teenage horny slutbag Natalia went up to the legend himself, Ron Jeremy at the cafe around the corner and asked to have her tits signed.

After a few words, she took him back to her place and dropped her cute panties showing off her tight pink 18 year old pussy! You won't believe how intense the sex was with this fresh teen and Ron's Jurassic Cock!

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Roxy Loves Miami Geezer Cock
UPDATED ON: 07/18/11
Video Length: 35:24 / Hi-Res Pictures: 228

Roxy has a soft natural body. Her skin is so smooth and her tits are perky. No one has ever chewed on those nipples before. Roxy is really into older men, and when we say older, we mean fucking ancient. Some 18yearolds have weird fetishes, but here at Porn Pros we don't discriminate ...

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Petite Allison Fucks Old Geezer
UPDATED ON: 06/20/11
Video Length: 32:16 / Hi-Res Pictures: 388

Petite Teen Allison loves to suck and fuck old men...we picked up her at the local park. She was so horny she fucked me the geezer in the back seat of mini van!...

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Busty Latina Teen Fucks Old Man
UPDATED ON: 05/23/11
Video Length: 41:38 / Hi-Res Pictures: 273

Busty teen Jamie is a horny slut, and she loves to fuck old men. We found her at the beach while I was on vacation...she has pretty amazing natural tits ....

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Pervert Geezer Fucks Petite Kenna
UPDATED ON: 05/02/11
Video Length: 40min / Hi-Res Pictures: 491

Kenna is the cutie next door. She decided not to go to her class and spend the day with Ron Jeremy instead. After a long day of hanging out and sexual tension, Ron take this hot petite girl back to his place. He's gonna school her in the art of sexual pleasure. This nasty geezer will turn Kenna into a pro after he's done with her....

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Tasia Loves The Old Wrinkly Cock Meat
UPDATED ON: 04/25/11
Video Length: 40min / Hi-Res Pictures: 491

Tasia Banks has a 65 year old boyfriend that can still get it up to fuck this fine piece of pussy. She's nasty filthy fucking old geezer dick. Tasia will even suck the cream out of that expired twinkie......

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Happy Geezer's Wet Dream Comes True
UPDATED ON: 04/18/11
Video Length: 36min / Hi-Res Pictures: 302

Gia is a nasty cutie with a sexy hot body. She's into older men, but we asked her how old she would go. She didn't really know right off the bat but we paired her up with our geezer. He has bifocals and everything. This old man's wet dream is about to come true......

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Girl Next Door Loves Creepy Old Men
UPDATED ON: 04/11/11
Video Length: 37min / Hi-Res Pictures: 298

The all American girl Jessie Andrews just got take out and on her way back home she runs into her old geezer neighbor. He seems hungry too, but not for food. He wants to eat some barely legal pink taco and stuff his man meat one last time before his ticker gives......

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Geezer HedgeHog and Sweet Parker Page
UPDATED ON: 07/19/10
Video Length: 32min / Hi-Res Pictures: 302

Check the man, the legend, the geezer bone sweet adorable Parker Page by the pool. He's going to get it up and stuff her tight pussy with his monster cock. Parker looks sooo cute and fresh while she fingers herself to get Ron hard...

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Janie Jone's Fun Day at the Nursing Home.
UPDATED ON: 06/07/10
Video Length: 45min / Hi-Res Pictures: 315

Janie Jones is visiting her local nursing home for community service. She's playing with these too geezers, flirting and rubbing herself in front of them. She's a devious sex monger looking to get banged by a wrinkly old stinky dick. Watch Janie get boned by old saggy balls.

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