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Welcome to Jurassic Cock, where fresh young teens hook up with dirty old men. These little whores love to feel old wrinkled balls slapping against their chins when sucking on those huge, old dinosaur cocks! Our senior perverts are ready to do anything to get a taste of fresh 18 year-old pussy before they kick the bucket - This might be the last time they ever get laid! And we're letting them get nasty with some of the youngest pussy available on the market. That's the kind of sex that makes the whole family think Grandpa has gone crazy. Join Jurassic Cock today and see why experience counts for these young whores!
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Tessa Loves Age Sausage Meat!
UPDATED ON: 1/18/10
Video Length: 45 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 325

Tessa Taylor is an out doors girl and love to have BBQs. She's out with her geezer roommates and she's getting hot and excited over their old wrinkly cocks. Tessa's about to fuck these to old farts and take in that aged floppy in here tight poontang...

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Nicole Ray Plays With Geezer's Balls
UPDATED ON: 1/4/10
Video Length: 38 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 380

Nicole Ray loves to cheer up old guys at her grandpa's retirement home. Just last week she went over there to play ping pong and with an old geezer's balls in her mouth. This horny fresh 18 year old is obsessed with wrinkly shaft going deep in her tight barely legal pussy!

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Chef Oldboyardee Bakes Hot Teen Pie.
UPDATED ON: 12/07/09
Video Length: 35 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 420

After a long day baking some cupcakes, Ron indulges his perverted appetite on sweet teen Rebecca Blue's tight pussy! This hot petite blonde really knows how to add the right ingredients for some delicious sex play. With her nice small titties and perfect juicy bubble ass Ron Jeremy won't be able to resist such temptation.

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Teen Tessa Tees Off With Geezer
UPDATED ON: 11/23/09
Video Length: 35 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 356

Tessa Taylor takes golf lessons from the old and grimy Ron Jeremy at his place! Shit goes off when she bends over in that tiny skirt and shows off her tight pink pussy to Ron. The creepy old man couldn't keep his Jurassic cock in his pants! Fucking her hard, Tessa was loving how long Ron could drive his club in her tight teenage hole!

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Lexi's Itty Bitty Titty Fuck
UPDATED ON: 11/09/09
Video Length: 24 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 420

Ron "Jurassic Cock" Jeremy tells us about his experience with Lexi "Itty Bitty Titties" Diamond and how fucking wet and horny she is for old geezers, like Ron. He made thing young thing so damn wet she was practically sliding all over this fuzzy bear of a man's cock the whole time! Seriously fucking amazing how tiny this teen is and how much she took of that legendary Jurassic cock in her tight pussy!

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Teen Jennifer White's Geezer Massage
UPDATED ON: 10/26/09
Video Length: 30 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 420

Jennifer White went over to Ron Jeremy's house to give him a full body massage and a good hard rubdown! This poor innocent teen slut had no idea what she was getting herself into, with such a creepy old hairy geezer seducing her! Succumbing to his charms, Jennifer quickly got undressed and rubbed her tight wet teenage pussy up against his Jurassic cock just moments after sucking it hard...

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Lunchtime Teen Ruby Reyes Fucks Geezer!
UPDATED ON: 10/12/09
Video Length: 37 min / Hi-Res Pictures: 420

Ruby Reyes goes out for a bite to eat at a deli around the corner where she finds this old fuck who she actually finds fuckable. The geezer is all over this 18 year old little tease, getting fired up, her serves her more than just lunch, he ends up giving her a hard serving of wrinkly sausage...

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